How We Started!

On a fine day, we spotted a fellow monkey bored, lazy, and hangry hanging on a tree. He saw us too… and inquisitively asked if we had something to munch on. We offered him bananas, and he peeled and squished them. We offered him peanuts, he threw them back at us! Then we showed him a tray full of mind-boggling snacks. He jumped down and followed us …

Another Dimension
to Snacking

He grabbed the tray and hung around for a bit elated to see boxes of gody popcorn and divine makhanas. Well, Well, Well that was the beginning of a flavorsome trail of munching and mmmmmming for hours. He had got a chance to eat makhanas in the past, but these packs were giving him a blast.

It's Never enough

His cravings were lingering even hours after he satisfied his hunger by finishing several boxes of popcorn and makhanas, but he kept asking for more. The crunch, the flavors, and the satisfying filling feeling had wooed him. And just as we had promised him, it was never enough!!

Extra Munching
Won't Harm

Well, once the monkey was triggered it was really difficult to stop. He was chanting after every bite, Oh god! let this be healthy because I can’t stop!! And, just what he prayed for, came true as it was Gluten-Free, with no artificial ingredients, Low Cholesterol, and 100% Non-GMO. Phewww!!

Snacks For All Moods

For the Monkey, it became a ritual to hop onto the tree and sit with a bag of Jackoz Popcorn & makhanas whenever he was happy, hangry, sad, lazy, jumpy, gloomy, cheerful, overwhelmed, whimsical and what not… As we say these are the Snacks for All Moods!

So Very Flavorful!

The monkey was always asking for a new taste and new flavor, some spicy add-ons, and some sugary delights for his snack trails. We offered him our premium range of freshly made, slowly baked, and tastefully garnished gourmet & savory snacks.

We all have that monkey in us.
Let's Monkey around together!

Jackoz Popcorns and Makhanas are heart-made with precision. Freshness and quality are checked to serve crunchy, toasty, texturous snacks. We bet that you will monkey around and enjoy every bit of it! Not just your regular flavored snack, but a premium range of gourmet makhana & popcorn oozing with great taste and playfulness.


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